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Clan veil splits up
Written by Unknown on 12.01.2008 Time 21:11

One of the most famous German teams, Deutschland veil, split up due to inactivity.
What could've been foreseen because of the drop out in the ETF2L, is now confirmed by the clan members.
A short interview with ex-veil | deeph00n:

TFPortal: For how long is veil already inactive? The last official match happened last year.

deeph00n: Officially spoken: veil is inactive since this week, but before this we had the holiday break.

TFPortal: What are the reasons for leaving the TF2-scene?

deeph00n: Well, too many people just didn't have the time anymore to fight because of private reasons.
With this the German clanscene looses one of the most successful clans which also took first position in the Deutschland ESL Ger 6on6 Ladder for some time.


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