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ETF2L - Weekly review for the first Matchday
Written by Unknown on 14.01.2008 Time 00:42

The first official matchday of the European Team Fortress 2 League has ended and now it's time to give you a short overview about the events in the "Premier League", Division 1 and the German teams' results.

Division 1

Right on the beginning, resp. Thursday, there happened a little surprise, as the favourites Europa 4Kings just reached a drwa against Schweden In Die Anale Combo. First round's score on CP_Granary was 6 to 3, but in the secound match on CTF_2Fort the Swedes scarcely won 2 to 3.
The result in the second match was similarl< unexpected, as the in the ETF2L-Cup intense played Europa The Last Resort played their match against Finnland Clan United. They may have won the first round on CTF_Turbine 7 to 3, but have been overkilled on CP_Granary with 0 to 13.
Both other two games sadly were Default Wins due to the league drops of Finnland Blood Pressure and Finnland ColdFusion. Thereby Großbritannien charge and Schweden Kompaniet progressed without fights.

Results of the German teams:

The German Representative in Division 2a, Deutschland progressive esports has to fight their first game against Frankreich N!nja Clan on the following tuesday due to the late league join.

In Division 2b, Deutschland it's a farm! and Finnland Neatmeat had to meet. gegen den finnischen Clan antreten und gewann auch klar. Deutschland it's a farm! won both rounds nearly without any disturbances: CP_Well 4 to 0, CP_Granary 7 to 1.

In Division 3 both German-speaking clans Deutschland Friede seiner Asche and Europa plan-B met, finishing the match 3 to 2 (CP_Granary) and 1 to 0 (CP_Well).
Another match was between Deutschland Soldiers At Workand Großbritannien Fragtastic!, which has clearly been won by the German team with 9 to 0 on CP_Well and 6 to 1 on CP_Dustbowl.
The last game with German participation in Division 3 between Deutschland simply iQ and Frankreich The Old School Team ended in a draw. On CP_Well our German guys won with 4 to 1, but had to take a loss of 1 to 2 on CTF_2Fort.

The last three German teams in Division 4 didn't succeed that good as the others. Only Deutschland IsF could celebrate a win against Niederlande Insane Dutch Killers.
Sad to say, but both German teams Deutschland x23 and Deutschland Die Philosoffen lost their games.

Perspective on Week 2

The match on the 2nd match day between Europa 4Kings and Europa The Last Resort will obtain particular attention.
Just in the ETF2L-Cup both teams fought an epochal war, which has been ended just barely by the Four Kings.
In Division 2 Deutschland it's a farm! will meet the promising candidate Schweden syre. This match will be a preliminary decision for the fight for the frontal places.
Deutschland progressive esports has to meet Großbritannien Weapons Of The Rebellion and hopefully will win this game for another German success.


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