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Update brings some small new features
Written by Unknown on 15.01.2008 Time 12:56

After some days of thirst and much E-Sport stuff we come back to the basics. Valve opened the gates and what came out? A small update with some gameplay changes.

Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Ingame Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Ingame Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Ingame

  • Added new option for medigun beam to the Multiplayer-Advanced dialog. If on, the medigun beam will stay attached to the current target without the need to hold down the fire button
  • Added new option for the sniper rifle to the Multiplayer-Advanced dialog. If disabled, the sniper rifle won't re-zoom after firing a zoomed shot
  • Added "nextlevel" server cvar. If set to a valid map name, server will change to that map during the next changelevel
  • Fixed PerfUI being used as a type of wall-hack on servers without sv_cheats set to 1
  • Reduced Granary spawn advantage for capping the middle point
  • Fixed players turning into "Scout" model after lagouts (and a variety of related issues, such as disappearing doors)
  • Fixed obscure crash related to resolution changing
  • Gave machinima creators access to "tf_testvcd" and "tf_testrr"commands for playing scenes on characters
  • SDK Launcher now has a drop list of engine versions in addition to a drop list of games/mods. This eliminates the need to specify engine version as a launch option

The integrated elements for Medic and Sniper will become an interesting alternative to the other classes. The reducing of the spawn time at CP_Granary is thanking aknowledged and was from the community postulated.


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