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ESL initiates Anti-Cheat-Tool
Written by Unknown on 19.01.2008 Time 15:35

The precedent spooks around for some time now in the forums of the TF2-Community. A gamer of Frankreich N!nja Clan is under strong suspicion having cheated during a Gather and the later confession makes it not easier.
The ETF2L already expelled the gamer from the running contest and now the ESL follwed. The judgement turned out like expected: 12 penalty points and a two years suspension.

But more important is another decision: From now on the usage of the ESL-own Anti-Cheat-Tools "Aequitas" is compulsory for all national and international matches. The small programm is running in the background while the game's running and checks all running progresses for cheats. Furthermore the tool makes automatical screenshots, which will be checked by the ESL.
For further information about "Aequitas", visit the FAQ under the 'Related Links'.


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