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Personal TF2-WANTED-Spraylogo
Written by Unknown on 19.01.2008 Time 15:40

Some TFPortal-Member have 'em and many are delighted by the service of our member "DasMatze".

For all those, who don't know of what we're talking here, you should read the following.

Al TFPortal-Member can a personal WANTED-Spraylogo created by "DasMatze". Get a first impression by seeing some logos already made for TFPortal-Members.

Team Fortress 2 - Spraylogo - WANTED!

There's not much you have to do: Just post here and post the four following things:
  • Which class picture
  • What name
  • With or without "alive"
  • Which reward

If you aren't registered for the forum, you can do this here. Only member can post in our forum.

A big thank you to "DasMatze" for these nice sprays and his invested time!


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