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New TFTrue-Version 1.2.1
Written by Unknown on 19.01.2008 Time 15:47

After the last official patch the popular serverplugin TFTrue didn't work properly anymore, so many internatinal matches had to be delayed and the ETF2L-games had some problems. TFTrue allows the server-admins to disable the "Critical Hits" and therewith is a main condition for most of the inernational leagues.

Finally the version 1.2.1 of this plugin was released, which should now run accurate.
Once more the "Lite"-version should be renounced, as it may lead to problems. An installation of the "Full"-version should bring a fluent game.

TFTrue-Designer redcomet tell us the follwing about the new version:
"When I tested the Crits, not only the Crit-sound occur, but you could also see the Crit-projectiles. But as long as you didn't see the [green] Critical Hit sign, there won't be a real Critical shot."


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