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TF2-Showmatch this evening on GIGA
Written by Unknown on 20.01.2008 Time 18:14

The German TV-Station GIGA is showing this evening at 10:45 p.m. CET another Team Fortress 2 Match live in the context of the „esports-Sunday“. The playing teams are the two known teams Europa 4Kings and Schweden Team excello. They’re playing on CP-well and CP-granary with the first-time-usage of the ESL-Anticheat-Tool “Aequitas” (as we reported). The commentation is made by one of GIGA’s own men Nik Adams and by the ETF2L-Founder and TF2-Player Deutschland it's a farm! dAyKiLLeR.

You can watch the match directly on the German TV, in a livestream (Link) or via SoureTV, brought to you by Code-Red under: TF2.myXG1.de:27020 by XG1.net.
Pre-Match-Statement of Europa 4K.Riemu:

"We’re very delighted to play a showmatch in the German TV against one of Swedens best clans! Excello was always an excellent training partner and brought us many exciting matches. I’m really looking forward to this match!“


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