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The new gamers council introduces itself
Written by Unknown on 20.01.2008 Time 18:25

The ESL today introduced the new Gamers Council. It’s goal is to work as an connection between clans and gamers on the one hand and the ESL on the other hand. The council consists of gamers, ESL-admins and important coveragepartners, to which we count aswell and therefor our TFPortal.de-Admin Deutschland [r@ts]MeeB takes part, too.

As the first edition of the gamers council brought some misunderstandings, for example when working on the ESL rule changes, we hope that the cooperation will work better this time and gives the community its rightful voice.
Statement vof Deutschland ESL|Mifit to the gamers council:

"I hope, that the gamers council will continue to be active and that the cooperation will work aswell in the future. We’ll try to keep on including the council into our decisions. It won’t work always, but we hope it’s going to improve.“

Statement of Deutschland MeeB:

"I hope to keep on bringing information and feedback of the community into the gamers council and look forward to work as a counsellor!”


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