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Your Clannews on TFPortal
Written by Unknown on 20.01.2008 Time 19:34

A very popluar feature in Team Fortress Classic times now comes to TFPortal. From today on your clannews can be posted here. Pioneer is the ALK-Clan, which we’d like to thank for this.

What do I have to do? We give you a script made by Leviathan, which is well documentated and only has to be adapted to your database-structure.

We’ll provide you with the script within the next days. Interested clans can visit our forum and state the listed details in the meantime.

To the thread.

Naturally you can contact us in the IRC in our channel #teamfortress2 (Quakenet). Please contact Meeb or LoB!

We’re looking forward to see your news soon!


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