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Herbs Army leads English EnemyDown-Ladder
Written by Unknown on 21.01.2008 Time 18:53

As the 6on6 is getting more and more popular, one may not forget, that there is a little scene for 8on8. Contact point for fans of bigger teams is the British EnemyDown-Ladder (Link).

Right now there are 35 international clans fighting for leading the scoreboard. The participants are rather prominent, at least at the top. The big 6on6-Clans Finnland Clan United and Europa Weapons of the Rebellion have their teams near the top. The best and also only German team is the well-known Österreich Herbs Army. They played 25 matches so far and a well situated in the business, which has been rewarded by the Enemy Down with the "EnemyDown Gold Award" in January.

Therefor I took Österreich [HA]Ronny from the "Blue Squad", which is the 8on8-team of HA, to my side and asked him some questions.
TFPortal.de: In what is 8on8 different from 6on6? Are the differences really that big?

[HA]Ronny: For the moment the differences are tremendous, which is based on two facts: 8on8 is played with Crits and has no class limits. Right now there are some discussions about a Medclimit of 2, but the majority is against turning off the Crits. The second big difference lays in the huge variation of classes. In 6on6 you mainly have just Scout, Soldier, Medic and sometimes a Demoman or a Heavy, but in 8on8 we play very effectively with Sniper and Spy, too. This brings more dynamic into the game and increases the ongoing on the map and dissolves the always same “6on6-Medic-Ball” ;-)

TFPortal.de: The EnemyDown-Ladder seems to be the only pace for 8on8-Squads to fight in a league. Why do you think is the 8on8 in such a shadow existence?

[HA]Ronny: If I just knew that… It’s funny though, as it is in the USA right the other way around: They are mainly playing the 8on8 and the 6on6 is just in the background. But regarding to some intern sources, the ESL is planning an 8on8 mode. If it’s a ladder, cup oder league, I don’t know yet. Naturally I’m hoping that this will bring more clans to playing 8on8. For so far the EnemyDown-Ladder (there’s also a league) has enough activity, to play at least one match per day.
I just can suggest the website www.teamfortress.tv for everyone interested in 8on8. They have some livereports of American matches. They are very funny presentated and worth of interest!

TFPortal.de: Herbs Army is unchallenged on first place in the ED. What goals does your 8o8n-Squad have? Are there any other leagues or cups – between the possible ESL-contests – in sight?

[HA]Ronny: We’re on first place since mid december, but have fierce competition thanks to clans like "Clan United", "wotr", "(v)Troopers" and many more. Our goal is to hold this high level and to improve our tactics. Due to the many possibilities in the 8on8, you’ll never find the one and only tactic, you just have to change during the match. Therefore are our goals to keep the fun in the game, to improve ourselves and to wait for further cups or leagues. ;-)


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