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Written by Unknown on 21.01.2008 Time 22:14

Once more ist time for some internal news. We have everything from bad news to good news. Tragically our Custom Map tester DW|Hero stopped working for us due to personal problems. So this part of our page is vacant, but from now on the whole TFP-Team is working on it. We’d like to thank DW|Hero for his great work and wish him just the best for his future! But now to the positive things.

It needed some time, but now it’s working. The TFPortal Newsweek keeps you on track. It’s brought to you in English and German. Have fun with it and a big thank you to Speedy!

8on8 Coverage: A suggestion from the community has been realised directly. From now on, we’re making the coverage for 8on8 leagues. What is played heavily in the USA, is here somewhat placed in the background.

TFPortal-Forum: The Forum got a little design update and is now much more easier to read. The English area is now a mainforum. We hope, you’ll like it.

Over 500 Member: Well, the first magical boarder is crossed. It’s a huge success for us and there were incredible 124 new registrations within the last 4 weeks. Thank you all! The 500th Member is [BOGC]Elektra

Clannews: Once again, we’d like to present you our new feature. The clannews gives your clan the possibility to present your news directly at TFPortal.de. With this you can reach a huge number of visitors. We provide you with the platzform and support for the script. We don’t expect a return service (but don’t hesitate to do so, if you like). Advantages: - free of charge - your news directly on the main page in the clan-newsticker (upper middle / direct page is under construction) - no return service expected - direct link to the news on your page - you can reach mor readers We hope, you’ll accept this offer as the integration into your page only takes about 10 minutes and is rather easy. If you are interested, just join our IRC-channel #teamfortress2 or just leave a comment right here or in this Forum-Thread.

You’ll also get more information there. The following clans use the script already: - [ALK] / ALK-Clan - [STS] / STS-Clan - [cause] / Cause we can Soon to have it, too: - [S@W] / Soldiers @ Work - [IsF] / International Special Force


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