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TheSGL Champions League - sign-ups open
Written by Unknown on 22.01.2008 Time 18:20

The SGL is certainly a known name in the 6vs6 area for a lot of people, because of the various tourneys and leagues they organized. With the concept of the Europa Champions League they now try to emulate the king’s class of European football and establish a new league for TF2-Clans. The basic idea is the following: 32 teams will be divided into eight groups of four and the two best teams of each group will enter the playoffs. For the seeding they are going to take a look at each clan’s strength. Well known clans will be seeded immediately, all others can qualify themselves for the group stage by playing in qualification rounds. The sign-ups have already started (link below) and if your team is interested then you can at least secure yourself a spot for the qualification rounds.

The SGL also presented their concept concerning the coverage:
“[…]We are going to feature two games per week, which will take place on our own gameservers. For these games there will be extensive previews of the clans and their players and also we’ll take a look at the map that is to be played, which will be very helpful for players who are not that involved into TF2 yet.”
Furthermore, a SourceTV-transmission for the highlights was promised and maybe also video streams and audio commentaries.
The winner of this tournament gains a six-months-contract for a 18-slot server by Game-Hosting.com.

This Champions League definitely offers a highly interesting concept. Of course all the news about if the execution of this concept actually works out and how the participating German clans are performing can be found here on TFPortal.de


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