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Team Fortress 2 Server Video Tutorial #2
Written by Unknown on 23.01.2008 Time 14:29

In the first Server-Tutorial we showed you how to install a Source-Dedicated Server on a Windows System. <-|SgN|-> tF.[saigns.de] created the step-by-step video of the HLDS-Updatetool just for TFPortal.de.
Due to not being a lazy guy, <-|SgN|-> tF.[saigns.de] now made up the second video of the Server Tutorial Video Series.

This time he looks at starting a server and what you gotta have to look after. The video is 22 minutes long and doesn’t miss any step on how to get a server properly started.

You can find the video in our Download-Section or directly here, but be aware that it's in German only.


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