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Unlockable Weapons for TF2 + New Mode
Written by Unknown on 23.01.2008 Time 14:54

As our colleagues at Gamestar reported, the next bigger patch for Team Fortress 2 does not only contain the Medic-Achievements and smaller gameplay changes, but also unlockable weapons. Gamestar refers to the English magazine PCGamer.

But that’s not everything: Every class should earn new weapons step by step by reaching different Achievements. This is supposed to have some extra specialized gamers on the servers. As an example, the Medic is mentioned: He should get a better version of his Healing Beamer, which can „overheal“ better (e.g. 100%) than the normal one (50%). If this weapon can have an Ubercharge is to be decided. So far we don’t know anything about the second upgrade.

Next to the specializations Valve plans a new gamemode, called Goldrush. In this mode, you have to push a tipper truck from one end of the map to the other. More teammates on one side leads to a faster victory. If a enemy stands in the way, the tipper stops.

PCGamer says, that the update will be released in nearly one month. If these changes will be accepted by the E-Sport-Scene is to be watched. Valve seems to work more for the Casual-Gamer so far.


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