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Capture the Files version of Well
Written by Unknown on 24.01.2008 Time 11:37

So far the CTF fans were kind of neglected with only one official map named CTF-2Fort. Of course you could kill some time with the various custom maps but it was obvious that Valve attached more value to the control point sector.

Yesterday a lot of information about future features were published by CVG.com (as we reported). Nobody could forefeel what followed today.

Team Fortress 2 - TF2 Map - CP-Well

Valve is going to release a capture-the-files-version of the map Well. According to CVG the architecture of the map was mostly retained. Only a new stairway to the upper level of the last but one CP-location was added.

CTF-Well isn’t one of those two maps that were announced weeks ago. You can rather consider it as a bonus, which will be accepted by the TF2-community with alacrity of course.

By the end they announced that the Scout will have the main role in the next “Meet the TF2-Class”.


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