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Champions League - The games are open!
Written by Unknown on 25.01.2008 Time 17:07

Due to the many filled registrations for the TheSGL Champions League, they are ready now to post the groups.
Below the 32 participants are also three German clans: Deutschland progressive e-sports, Deutschland Xeno-Project and Deutschland it's a farm! and furthermore the Austrian team Österreich plan-B.

Three of the teams have a good chance to get at least to place 2. Only Xeno has some heavy stepstones in their way. The groups of our German clans are the following:

Gruppe A
1. Frankreich fof²
2. Europa #netCODE
3. Europa clan ONE
4. Deutschland Xeno-Project

Gruppe B
1. Schweden Kompaniet
2. Finnland Neatmeat
3. Österreich plan-B
4. Großbritannien WANG

Gruppe C
1. Europa Weapons of the Rebellion
2. Deutschland it's a farm!
3. Russland Team Empire TF2
4. Großbritannien Strikeforce

Gruppe D
1. Großbritannien Phonetic TF2
2. Deutschland progressive e-sports
3. Schweden jÄgarna
4. Großbritannien Forever gaming hyphen

The gaming will start right away next week and – as announced – they’ll feature two top games a week with SourceTV- and Audio-Coverage (with the two known guys from QuadV). Let’s hope, that there will be a German match covered.
We’ll keep you up to date.


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