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Version 2.0 is coming - Many many changes
Written by Unknown on 28.01.2008 Time 19:45

After the wave of all these Team Fortress 2 news, we can present you something from another part of TF. Version 2.0 of Fortress Forever is now in the beta-phase and FF leader “Aftershock” ensures us, that we’ll just love the next version.

Let’s have look at the coming features:

Class changes

  • Scout: Caltrops and radar have been removed. Instead they have a buildable jump pad on +attack2.
  • Sniper: AR and Sniper rifle base damage has been reduced. (AR much moreso than SR)
  • Soldier: RPG damage radius increased to more TFC-like. RPG reload time decreased slightly. Nail gren code has been rewritten: they now own SGs again, and use much less server resources to use.
  • Demoman: Blue pipe fuse timer dramatically decreased (from 2.5 to 1.1 seconds). Pipetrap + blue pipe explosion radius increased (pipetrap moreso than blues).
  • Medic: Medic's special ability now throws medpacks for teammates to use (still undergoing tweaking)
  • HWGuy:
  • New overheat system. You no longer overheat and there is no need for tapping (yay!) (still undergoing tw
  • Pyro: IC base damage has come down. Pyro vs Pyro flame damage increased from 50% to 100% of base (affects IC and flamethrower), but Pyro's still can't be lit on fire.
  • Spy: knife damage up to 50 from 32. Disguise time halved.
  • Engineer: SG health has come down to 113% from 120% (ish). Bullet push reduced.
  • All Classes (except medic): Melee weapons now do more damage. Crowbar + spanner up to 30 from 18. Knife up to 50 from 32. Frag gren dmg increased slightly (they were decreased 30% in the 1.11 patch - they are now about halfway). Bhop cap increased to 1.15 from 1.10 (when i mentioned 1.08% it was my error - we never tested that value on beta and the correct value is 1.15)

There will be an extra help for newbies in 2.0: If you hold the Concgrenade in your hand without jumping when the grenade explodes, you’ll make a little Concjump.

Fortress Forever - FF Map - Shutdown2 Fortress Forever - FF Map - Shutdown2 Fortress Forever - FF Map - Shutdown2

Although even the class changes are enormous, the Fortress Forever team is also working on visual things.

Visual Changes

  • Grenades now have trails and halo's around them
  • Blue and yellow pipes now have trails
  • Nails now have a slight glow behind them to increase visibility
  • Player models have been tweaked to increase visibility
  • Grenade models have been tweaked to increase visibility
  • SG models have been tweaked to increase visibility
  • SG now throws out sparks when it's below 50% health
  • New IC model! (well, a retextured RPG with some parts cut off)
  • No more ugly background for build timers
  • New HUD security icons for shutdown style maps
  • New FOV change on speed effect. Work in progress. Can turn this off/on from the fortress options menu item.
  • Shotgun muzzle flash more visible
  • Many visuals now line up correctly in widescreen modes (damage indicators, Context menu

By reading the whole changelog one could think, that there’s a sheer new Fortress Forever waiting for us. The changes are enormous and Fortress Forever will definitely gain new fans with version 2.0. How successful the game will become, depends on you.

You will find more changes in the Fortress Forever News.

translated by M1chEE


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