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progressive e-sports broadcasts starting match
Written by Unknown on 29.01.2008 Time 16:06

Today the group phase of the theSGL Champions League starts right with a highlight. The teams of Schweden syre and Finnland Clan United will fight for important points for group F. The Swedes are in the ETF2L’s Division 2A in the leading position, the Finns on third place in Division 1.

So we will have a sweet battle on CTF_2Fort and CP_Granary this evening, which is brought to us live by the guys of Deutschland progressive e-sports. The whole match is broadcasted with a flash stream and commented by phL and mose of pro.TF2, together with K.Bean.

You’ll find the stream under the 'Related Links', the match starts at 19:00 p.m. GMT.


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