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The ETF2L-Review - 3rd day of play
Written by Unknown on 29.01.2008 Time 17:43

This week’s review is a little late, too, because some matches of the 3rd day of play had to be postponed because of the not working TFTrue-Plugin. By now most of these matches have been played and we can say: A lot has happened!

The King’s Class: Divison 1

Division 1 – The Results
Europa The Last Resort - Finnland Blood Pressure3-0 (Def Win)3-0 (Def Win)
Großbritannien Team Coolermaster - Frankreich FoF ????
Europa 4Kings - Finnland Clan United8-0 (cp_well)6-6 (cp_dustbowl)
Schweden Kompaniet - Schweden In Die Anale Combo4-2 (ctf_2fort)9-2 (cp_granary)

Two directive matches were on the schedule for division 1. The upcoming Finns of UNi had to take a big damp and were beaten quite clearly by 4K on CP-Well. Only on CP-Dustbowl they were able to score a tie. Because of this tie the 4Kings slipped off the top of the table and are now placed 2nd with 25 points.
In the second top match it came to a duel between the two Swedish teams Kompaniet and IDAC. Kompaniet showed a very strong performance and were able to win on CP-Granary with a 9-2. With this result they took over the lead in the table and are now the main aspirant for the title

The German Results

Division 2 – The German Results
Deutschland progressive esports - Frankreich Va chier mec!?-? (ctf_2fort)?-? (cp_dustbowl)
Deutschland it's a farm! -Europa Pub Clan (Ex-netCODE) 0-3 (cp_well)1-1 (cp_well)

While in division 2A the match between pro and vcm will be played on the 3rd of February, the guys of it’s a farm! already played their match in division 2B against the Ex-netCODE-players who found a new accommodation in the Pub Clan. With a unnecessary loss in the first round on CP-Well and a tie in the second round, it’s a farm! lost the connection to the leading group and has to fear for the promotion now.

Division 3 – The German Results
Europa Kaizen - Europa plan-B3-6 (cp_gravelpit)0-13 (cp_gravelpit)
Deutschland Friede seiner Asche -Finnland Legioona 3-0 (Def Win)3-0 (Def Win)
Deutschland simply iQ - Schweden Unalleviated Suffering1-4 (cp_granary)6-3 (cp_dustbowl)
Deutschland Soldiers At Work - Schweden jAgarna3-2 (ctf_2fort)2-2 (cp_well)

A lot happened in division 3A: the german-speaking squad of the multigaming-clan plan-B were able to achieve a brilliant win against Kaizen. Especially with a clear score of 13-0 in the second round on CP-Gravelpit they underlined their ambitions to get promoted and are now placed 2nd. But FsA are lurking right behind them on the same level of points, who gained their points with a default win on this day of play.
From a German point of view the results in division 3B had some ups and downs.
S@W were able to win on one map and tie another against jAgarna and are now leading the division with a gauzy difference in points. iQ missed the chance to land on a spot for direct promotion. They scored a tie and are now on the 3rd place.

Division 4 - The German Results
Deutschland Die Philosoffen -Deutschland IsF0-12 (cp_granary)0-9 (ctf_turbine)

In the 4th division, in a derby between two German clans, IsF was able to place themselves on the second place in the table and seem to be a clear aspirant for promotion

Preview Week 4

The 4th day of play doesn’t really offer a lot of tension in division 1 or any of the German teams. Only FsA has to defend their spot against the direct pursuer from Russia, Team Empire.
Our guys from IsF have to play against the so far undefeated total Llamas from Poland, who show an excellent performance so far with 70-0 points. They will be a tough opponent for sure.


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