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Written by Unknown on 01.02.2008 Time 16:53

Birthdays are someone's most important days of the year. Everybody is happy about you being a year older and are celebrating you. But for me as a webmaster there's another second birthday, I celebrate: This website's birthday!

9 years ago we went online with www.TFortress2.de. A friend of mine, who was responsible for his page wciii.de in the Gamez.de-network, suggested to find a game, which I should advertise some more in this network. So I created my first page with frontpage and thereby with a disgusting design. Luckily the WebArchiv has no datas, so I can't provide you with screenshots.

In the year 2000 we changed our design and started with the bilingual content.

TFPortal 2000-2001

One year after that we changed the design again and had some problems getting news about Team Fortress 2, so we buoyed up with news about Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike and Valve. Unfortunately the Gamez.de-network cut us off due to economic reasons and we had to look for a new home. We soon found one at Fanstage, a small network, but 9 months later they went bankrupt and all our datas went to the nirvana. To our luck we had the design saved on our local hard drive so we could start again at Gamesmania until we stopped the work in the middle of 2004. Up to then there was no real life sign of TF2 and everything, we heard from Valve were just excuses like "soon".

TFPortal 2001-2005

After a one year pause I got mail from the webmaster of TF2-World "BFG", in which he suggested a fusion. I didn't had to think twice, so we restarted TeamFortress2.de and TF2-World.de under the first named domain. Sadly the work didn't really proceed as there were nearly to no news about TF2. But then, in the summer of 2006, a life sign: The first screenshots of the game! This was the beginning of the new Team Fortress 2 and this TFPortal. The domain got reserved and we agreed to work as a platform for the Team Fortress sector.

Today Team Fortress 2 is released and the so far small TF2-scene is growing steadily.

I as a webmaster am looking back to 9 nice years and am happy to having kept up the work all the time. Still now it's making fun, to search the web for news and infos.

Up to now there have been about 50 people helping me with this page. It cotains all: Editors, coders and designers, having worked over this period of time. As I doesn't have all the time to thank them all personally: A big thank you all for your invested time!!

Only 366 days left for the complete decade :)


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