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New Mappack - Your Opinion
Written by Unknown on 04.02.2008 Time 14:05

We at TFPortal.de are planing to create a new mappack for you. Your advantage: Getting the maps at once without having to download them. But now we need your help! We played many maps so far, but don't know, which maps have to be in this pack.

So we ask you to tell us, which maps you want. We'd like to know, which map looks good, which maps are easy to play and above all, which maps make fun. You can pick out any map: CP, CTF, whatever. If you have our old mappacks, don't hesitate to take them, too, as there could be a final or better version of it. You can contact us via the comments or the designated article in our forum here. And before we forget it: Helau and Alaaf (German callings today, as it's Fasching).


tf2maps - egypt_04.jpg - thumbnail tf2maps - egypt_03.jpg - thumbnail tf2maps - egypt_02.jpg - thumbnail
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