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1on1 Speedcup - Scouts first!
Written by Unknown on 05.02.2008 Time 18:04

Right now there are many 1on1-maps and their popularity is still growing. So it's no wonder, that the ESL made up a 1on1-Cup.

The classes are restricted to b>Scout only, what should make the matches more interesting as with a Soldier.
The matches are played on the following maps:

  • Runde 1: duel_duel2
  • Runde 2: trainyard_brawl
  • Runde 3: dm_biosphere_v3
  • Runde 4: cp_arena_v6
  • Runde 5: dm_arena_b1
  • Finale: Best-of-Three auf den genannten Maps

There are 64 open slots for you to sign up. The cup is going to happen in the evening of the 12.02.2008.
Of course there are some special rules, which you can find under the 'Related Links'. The TFTrue-Plugin is mandatory to cut down the unwanted coincidences.


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