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EMS Qualifier Countdown Cup
Written by Unknown on 05.02.2008 Time 18:14

As you all know the European Major Series will start soon and to bypass the time of the qualifications, the ESL initiated a cup with 32 contestants. The intersting part of this: starting field The starting field consists of all interested European clans, so there will be hopefully one or another international team within this group.

The matches are played 6on6 (or 8on8, if both clans agree), in the Single-Elimination-System and with the international standard ruleset (no Crits, Mediclimit 1, Classlimit 2).

The Sign-Up is open until 10.02., the cup itself is played on four days: Rounds 1 and 2 on the 10.02, Rounds 3 and 4 the day after and the finals on the 13.02.2008.
The mappool includes next to Valve's maps also two Custommaps. Custommap number one is ctf_turbine, number two is cp_warpath. The last-mentioned is played the first time in a bigger event and could tournament's progress.


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