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More live action at QuadV!
Written by Unknown on 05.02.2008 Time 18:31

Today, the popular casters of QuadV.com have taken the final of the ”Ligue Francophone” Team Fortress 2 League (LFTF2L) into their schedule at short notice.
The European draught horse Europa 4Kings will meet up with the well-known French clan Frankreich FoF². Both teams are also playing in the ETF2L - Division 1. In that league they will most probably meet tomorrow, so tonight’s match might act as a signpost for that division.

The match is going to be played in a best-of-three scenario and they are going to start on cp_granary and cp_well. In case the match is tied after those two rounds, then it will be decided on ctf_2fort. The match starts at 9:30pm in Steam on QuadV.com (Link below) and the commentator will be Deman once again, who already accompanied yesterday’s SGL Champions League-Match of Deutschland it's a farm!.


After a bare hour of non-stop action Frankreich FoF² was able to win out over Europa 4Kings. On cp_granary FOF was able to win with a score of 5:3. On cp_well both teams tied 3:3 which granted FOF the total win.

Good Game! We recommend that you take a look at the video in case you missed the videocast.


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