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ETF2L-Weekreview - 4th day of play
Written by Unknown on 06.02.2008 Time 14:23

This time the ETF2L has given a relatively unspectacular week 4 to us. New infos are there, nevertheless of not quite positive nature: Europa TLR.Tagan, participant in division 1, has moved back from the TF2 business. Now three teams do not play actively in the king's class anymore.

The king's class: Divison 1

Division 1 - The results
Finnland Clan United - Finnland Blood Pressure3-0 (Def Win)3-0 (Def Win)
Großbritannien Team Coolermaster - Finnland ColdFusion 3-0 (Def Win)3-0 (Def Win)
Europa The Last Resort - Schweden Kompaniet0-3 (Def Win)0-3 (Def Win)
Frankreich FoF - Schweden In Die Anale Combo?? ??

Three Default-Wins stand on the 4-th matchday in the overview and only one regular game was played between fof and IDAC. Although this match should be played already on the 2nd february but there is still no official result. Nevertheless, in view of the lately strong achievements of the french it is unlikely that IDAC will carry off a victory here.

The german results

Division 2 - the german results
Deutschland progressive esports - Russland LOL Team4-1 (cp_well)6-6 (cp_gravelpit)

Because Deutschland it's a farm! has to deny no match on the 4-th matchday only pro held up the German flag in the division 2A. The match began with a great 4-1 on cp_well where the germans pressed the gas pedal from the beginning. On the second map cp_gravelpit pro couldn't reach the same performance like on the first map. The consequence was a 6-6 and thereby a draw. Indeed pro holds the connection to the top of the group but does not stand on a place for the playoff game at the moment.

Division 3 - the german results
Deutschland Friede seiner Asche - Russland Team Empire????
England clanda -Österreich plan-B 5-6 (cp_dustbowl)3-5 (cp_gravelpit)
Deutschland simply iQ - England 9 Men????

Division 3A saw only one game of a german team. plan-B was able to grab scarce, but finally deserving victory against the englishmen from clanda on the thankless maps cp_dustbowl and cp_granary. With it the austrians lead the group. Their worst pursuers still have some matches to fight, so that the lead isn't for sure. With a victory in the match against Team Empire which will take place on 10.02, FsA could land on a playoff game place and get closer to the top of the group. There it could be to have a german double promotion to the upper division. In divsion 3B the boys of DeutschlandSoldiers @ Work this time were freely of play. The other german representative Deutschland simply iQ denies only on 14.02. his match against England 9 Men from England.

Division 4 - the german results
Polen total llamas -Deutschland IsF5-6 (cp_dustbowl)1-1 (cp_well)
Deutschland Die Philosoffen -Belgien Long Range Recce Patrol1-3 (cp_well)2-4 (ctf_2fort)

From German view the biggest surprise was provided by Deutschland IsF. Against Polen totally llamas who played dominant up to now in divison 4 an important victory on cp_dustbowl succeeded and on cp_well they could forced a respectable draw. If they play intently in such a way furthermore the group victory is only a formality and underlines the very strong achievement from Deutschland IsF in this first season.

DP could not follow this model and lost against the belgians from LRRP on both maps. With it the germans stand on rank 6 and will have to increase substantially to reach one of the upper places.

Preview on week 5

Some very thrilling matches expect us in the 5th ETF2L week. Thus it comes to the north duel in division 1 where UNi and Kompaniet will have to measur. progressive e-sports must be proved against the strong Swedes excello who have already shown in a show match against 4Kings that they can keep up at the highest international level. For every fan this match becomes a must for looking! In the neighbouring group it's a farm! has to line up against the known portuguese from 5 Quinas. After the last persuading achievements in theSGL Champions League something else than one victory would be a disappointment.

We are glad about an exciting and high-carat 5th matchday!


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