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Something new from the EnemyDown-8on8-Ladder
Written by Unknown on 06.02.2008 Time 18:58

Some time ago we told you about the scoring of Österreich Herbs Army in the EnemyDown-8on8-Ladder. Well, some things have changed since then and we want to bring you up-to-date.

For the month of February HA once again gained the EnemyDown Golden Award, as they were leading the scoreboard. But the advance is melting away due to two losses against their followers: They played a very bad 0 to 9 on cp_granary against Finnland Clan United und lost with the same score on the same map against Finnland vTroope.

This all was mainly because of some personal changes in the squads of Herbs Army, so we hope that they will get back to their old playing to keep on leading the ladder.
If you want to see the game against UNi to get an impression on the 8on8-Gameplay, you just have to use the Link down below


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