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Steam booms - 15 Million Users - Beta-Client
Written by Unknown on 09.02.2008 Time 13:59

Having said some years ago that Valve’s Selling- and Gamingplatform Steam would be this great today, nobody would’ve belived it. But games like Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress 2 brought many new gamers who needed an account and had to use Steam.

Just a few days ago Valve published a press release with the message, that there are over 15 million accounts registered so far. If you compare these numbers to ones of other competitors, there’s nearly just World of Warcraft with about 10 million accounts worth the position of a chaser.

Steam is booming and this isn’t just because of Steam itself. The support of Valve’s games and the tremendous grown offer of games are good reasons for gamers to get connected to Steam.

Valve announced furthermore, that Christmas 2007 brought a increase in sales of 158% compared to 2006.

Some news about Steam itself: There have been a new update yesterday with some bigger changes, so they started a new Beta-phase for the client. The changes should decrease the starting times of applications and increase the download speed.
  • Fixed downloads becoming paused
  • Improved download speeds
  • Decreased application launch time
  • Fixed URL links in chats to not include trailing punctuation as part of the link
  • Changed group event notifications to open at most 8 dialogs

If you want to take part in the Beta, you just have to choose in the Steam options under menu „Account“ the „Beat Steam Client Candidate“.


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