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TF2 Community Stuff - Action & Chill
Written by Unknown on 10.02.2008 Time 14:31

Long time no Fun- and Communitystuff her at TFPortal. Let’s end this today! Just watch these two sweet videos right from the TF2 Community.

We’ll start with a very chilly video of our member "HeadStriker". The title of his video is:

"The Grand Journey of the Medic".

HeadStriker presents us in his 11 minute long video many ingame scenes, much action, Slow-Motion and Zoom-Effects and gives us short overviews by spectator flights over several maps like Quarry, Dirtworks or Floodzone. Just follow the white… err… the Medic on his long voyage and relax the whole 11 minutes in your chair. You can leave your comment in this Forum-Thread!

The second video we want to present you, lasts 20 minutes and comes from "REV6StingraY`d5". He presents you a one of the finest Demo-Matchaction added by fitting HipHop tracks.

"TF2 Demoman Match Play".

Witness scenes, in which he stops whole teams running to a Control Point with his Sticky Bombs and Grenades.


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