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Team Fortress 2?
Written by Unknown on 10.02.2008 Time 14:50

The TFPortal-Onk3l (uncle) strikes again. A column about the time and full of thoughts, everybody got so far. Team Fortress – just what is it? TF2 & Comic look – does this work? Just read to find out!

This column only represents the position of the author and not of TFPortal.de.

So, what is Team Fortress 2?

Long, long time ago we’re writing the year 1996 Quakers got the mod Team Fortress. A completely new type of gaming with nine classes just like the old Quake routine, nice.

Well, it was something you can get accustomed to. 1999 the inventors created the mod for Half Life and just called it TFC (Team Fortress Classic).

Finally in 2005 Fortress became free of charge, so you didn’t have to buy some stupid game just for this fine mod: Enemy Territory Fortress, a porting of the Quake classic to the free game Enemy Territory.

The hype was big, the servers not. The fun didn’t last very long, although I still see 5 servers (3 of ‘em with password) through my All-Seeing Eye (one is still playing, password-protected). There was no chance for me old b00n to get in contact with the original Fortress again.

But, did we left something out?

Well, wasn’t there something like TF2? Announced in 1998? Never heard much about it.
BUT 2006! 2006 Valve announced, that they just didn’t forget the game after all and are still designing it. 9 years later they really want to bring Team Fortress 2 out? But what do I see in the screenshots? What’s happening in this trailer?
A freakin comic game? Guys, come on! Are you serious? We want to play Fortress! If I want to see comics, I turn Nickelodeon on or watch Mickey Mouse. Refusing to accept it won’t work and the game comes like a bombshell.is just hitting it right.

Ok, just let us rethink it. Mickey Mouse, Fix and Foxi, Woody Woodpecker?
Waaaait! Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are tough, too. No scene without someone getting hurt.

Alright then, let’s do it! Enter the servers! :D

The next column of our TFPortal-Onk3l is promised for next sunday.


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