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Written by Unknown on 11.02.2008 Time 14:15

YouTube-member EvilDaedalus published three videos with guides about some of the TF2-classes by now. He made two very successful instruction-videos for the spy and the pyro. The last one was a ‘how-to-play’-clip for the scout. Cause of the pure mass of these ingame videos, he had to split the instruction video in 2 parts.
The videos aren’t just about the gameplay. Successful stunts and detailed explanations about the respective classes converge into a great mix.

We have embedded the Youtube videos for you here. You will find a link to EvilDaedalus' Stage 6 site and the high quality versions down below. You need the DIVX Webplayer plugin to watch these videos.

How to play the Scout - Part 1

How to play the Scout - Part 2

How to play the Pyro

How to play the Spy


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