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Week 2 in the SGL
Written by Unknown on 11.02.2008 Time 15:04

A new week starts just like the everyday life. So let’s revisit the last week and look at our German and Austrian teams in the SGL’s Champions League.

This time, the matches were played on cp_well, which doesn’t only have some tricky spots, but can also lead to a pointless draw when having a bad start. As we couldn’t count on equal games, these both cases didn’t happen.

Gruppe A - Die Ergebnisse
Deutschland Xeno-Project - Europa pub clan1-3
United Kingdom clan ONE - Frankreich FoF 0-5

Bad luck for the members of Xeno-Project. They didn’t qualify for the playoffs. Although they had an optimistic view on the games after the first round, it didn’t result in a victory against pub clan. Therefore a draw against FoF won’t help them, as they are pointless on last place in group A. Nevertheless, they will take some knowledge out of the games as all of them were shortly and instructively.
In the second match played the French 4Kings killers team FoF against clan ONE. No big deal, the French guys won and took three more points to get on the first place and into the Playoffs.

Gruppe B - Die Ergebnisse
Österreich plan-B - Finnland Neatmeat2-0
Schweden Unalleviated Suffering -Schweden Kompaniet 0-5

Two games, two victories! Stainless balance for plan-B and so the entry into the Playoffs. Congratulations! Their contestants Neatmeat , on place 6 in ETF2L Division 2B, made it a nice match, but lost it. In the upcoming week, the favourite is waiting for them, but they can now take the game easy.
Kompaniet won their match against Unalleviated Suffering without real resistance and went into the Playoffs just like it was expected.

Gruppe C - Die Ergebnisse
Deutschland it's a farm -Russia Team Empire4-1
Europa Weapons of the Rebelion -United Kingdom Strikeforce 5-0

With the begging of the week QuadV started their Live-Coverage with the match between it's a farm and Team Empire. The game itself wasn’t that exciting (Keller sucked as medic), but it showed the advantage and the action of our beloved tactic shooter. The final score was 4 to 1 and so Germany has another team in the Playoffs.
Their first-game contestant Weapons of the Rebelion didn’t show mercy against he Britsh Strikeforce and made an easy 5 to 0.

Gruppe D - Die Ergebnisse
Deutschland RhineFire -United Kingdom Phonetic3-0
United Kingdom Forever gaming hyphen -Schweden jÄgarna 0-1 (def win)

On of the most exciting games took place in group D. Both group favourites RhineFire (ex progressive-esports) and Phonetic had to fight against each other. Due to a hard training our German team was well prepared and made it an easy run. So they made their way into the Playoffs as group leader.
Having left the SGL Forever gaming hyphen, there only was a Defwin in the other match.

Preview on the upcomming week

From now on the teams are playing in the sandbox. What? Yeah, it’s time for Gravelpit and there are still some teams left having to qualify for the Playoffs. But it looks all group favourites made it and filled the expectations. So there weren’t big surprises so far. The Playoffs will make it more interesting as there are only top matches played. Two German and one Austrian team in these Playoffs. No bad balance for us.


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