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4Kings vs Fracture live today at QuadV
Written by Unknown on 11.02.2008 Time 16:53

The SGL Champions League-Coverage made by the fantastic casters of QuadV.com goes in the second round as there will be a top match this evening: Europa 4Kings have to fight against Europa Team Fracture in their last group match. Both teams are unbeaten so their way to winning is secured. But today it’s about taking the first place in the group.
4K showed some nerves in the last time and lost the crown of the unbeaten against the French team FoF last week in the LFTF2L.

If this will lead to a victory of Fracture, can be watched as always at 21:00 GET in the QuadV-Livestream. The match will be commented by Deman, whose casts have made every TF2-Match a highlight.


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