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Hank-Man wins 1on1 SpeedCup - 1st ESL War
Written by Unknown on 13.02.2008 Time 22:03

Our Deutschland TFPortal TF2-Team took the challenge and joined the German ESL-6on6-Ladder some days ago. As the team surely doesn’t want to hold their 1000 starting points, they even fought their first match. No one else as our Clannews-Supporter Deutschland [ALK] was ready for the war. It all started on cp_granary, which our guys won easily 11:0. But Deutschland [ALK] fought back on ctf_2fort as they probably have some TFC knowledges of this map and so won this round by 2:3. The final score is 13:3.

TFPortal-TF2-Team - The LineUp

Leader: Deutschland m4rci, Deutschland Dietschey
Players: Deutschland AiM, Deutschland BluEskY, Deutschland Eisinc, Deutschland Hank-Man

The last mentioned TFPortal player Deutschland Hank-Man had one of his best moments yesterday when he won the first ESL-1on1-Speedcup. Some pairings in the first round were won by Default Wins, but from second round on, the matches became interesting and thrilling. No more Drops and now the players had to fight out, who’s the best with Scatter-Gun, Pistol and Baseball Bat. One Default Win and 5 played games later Deutschland Hank-Man has taken the first place. Congratulations!

1. Place: Deutschland Hank-Man
2. Place: Deutschland Kickchon
3. Place: Deutschland Sera


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