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Team Fortress 2 Server Search Improvements
Written by Unknown on 14.02.2008 Time 03:44

To find a good server, Steam offers a variety of options in the filter, with which you can search for maps for example, or inform yourself about the latency. Since there are a lot more things to adjust on most servers than is possible to specify in the filter (critical hits or classlimit, etc.), Valve is trying to remedy this soon.

The developers also noticed that most of the server descriptions have all the options included, for example "Superserver [Fast DL] [100 TICK] [FF on][Melee only] [custom map] [HLSTATX] [noLag] 24/7". That’s not really what the devs had in mind.

Valve’s concept is to implement a new column, which contains these tags and describes precisely, which settings are activated on the server and which are not. Some of those tags will be included automatically depending on which “convars” the admin has configured.


All of this will be visible, just like in the screenshot, in the new “Custom” tab. There you can also find a “Add Common Tags” button with which you can take a look at the 20 most used servertags.

Source: srcds linux mailinglist


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