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ETF2L- weekly review - 5th day of play
Written by Unknown on 18.02.2008 Time 15:33

Due to personal reasons a little bit late: The weekly review of the ETF2L's 5th gaming day. It's getting spicy in most of the divisions and the counting for placings begin.

The mayor league: Divison 1

Division 1 - Die Ergebnisse
Finnland Clan United - Schweden Kompaniet5-6 (cp_dustbowl)0-5 (cp_well)
Finnland ColdFusion - Schweden In Die Anale Combo 0-3 (Def Win)0-3 (Def Win)
Europa 4Kings - Finnland Blood Pressure3-0 (Def Win)3-0 (Def Win)
Frankreich FoF - Europa The Last Resort3-0 (Def Win) 3-0 (Def Win)

Default Wins in Division 1 have become normal, so people start looking on the really played games. The battle of the "nearly" Vicings took place between UNi und Kompaniet, which the latter won. So 4K and Kompaniet are going to fight head-to-head for group leader on the 6th gaming day.

German scores

Division 2 - die deutschen Ergebnisse
Deutschland RhineFire - Schweden excello3-2 (ctf_2fort)0-1 (cp_well)
Deutschland it's a farm! - Portugal 5 Quinas6-6 (cp_gravelpit)1-5 (cp_granary)

The hardest game was probably between Rhinefire (Ex-progressive esports) and excello in Division 2A. They gained a victory on ctf_2fort, but lost cp_well unlucky 0 to 1. Relegation is now a bit more far away, as you have to reach at least place 3 and there's only one game to fight. This game is even harder due to their contestant: Group leader Phonetic.
Another German team, it's a farm!, had bad luck, too. They lost their match in Division 2B against the Portugese of 5Q. On cp_gravelpit it was a draw with 6 to 6, cp_granary became a disaster with 1 to 5. Now they only have theoretical chances for the ascent.

Division 3 - die deutschen Ergebnisse
Schweden klan:fader - Europa plan-B1-4 (cp_granary)0-6 (cp_granary)
Deutschland Soldiers At Work -Frankreich The Old School Team 0-4 (cp_well)6-6 (cp_dustbowl)

Two German games have been played in the 3rd Division. plan-B took a confident win in Division 3A against the Swedes of klan:fader and are now nearly invulnerable at top of their group.
Soldiers @ Work didn't have that same luck in Division 3B. They just got a draw against The Old School Team on cp_dustbowl and lost cp_well with 4 Fullcaps of the French. With this the Germans probably have to fear for their ascent, but have enough matches to gain the needed points.

Division 4 - die deutschen Ergebnisse
Deutschland x23 -Deutschland Die Philosoffen0-3 (Def Win)0-3 (Def Win)
Deutschland IsF -Schweden hb0da1-1 (cp_well)6-6 (cp_gravelpit)

In Division 4 was only one German match. IsF could only make a draw against hb0da and is now second placed.

Preview on week 6

The 6th Day is outshined by the clash of 4Kings and Kompaniet, two of the most strongest teams in Europe so far.
German games will be worth a visit, too. The most exiting game will be between it's a farm! and Fracture as our guys have to show, that they are able to gain points in the ETF2L again.


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