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Knockout Stage in the SGL
Written by Unknown on 20.02.2008 Time 15:14

After a hard group stage in the Champions League, the playoffs are ready to start. The two best teams of each group will have to face each other now and determine a winner in a best-of-three-scenario.

Each team is going to pick one map and throw out one map out of a map pool with five maps. The match will be played on the two chosen maps. The last remaining map will be played in case of a tie. Further on, the most intense games will be broadcasted by QuadV.

Our three remaining German teams plan-B, RhineFire and it's a farm are partially facing solveable tasks. Plan-B draw the hardest lot and will have to play against the Finnish Team Jobola. RhineFire also has to face a tough opponent and needs to beat Clan United. The easiest opponent of the three would be clanda who will play against it’s a farm.

Overview of all matches:

Champions League KO-Phase
Frankreich foftwo -Europa Clan Fracture27.2
Schweden Kompaniet -Frankreich The Old School Team27.2
Deutschland it's a farm -United Kingdom clanda27.2
Deutschland RhineFire -Finnland Clan United27.2
Schweden Team Excello -United Kingdom Phonetic27.2
Schweden syre -United Kingdom Weapons of the Rebelion27.2
Finnland Team Jobola -Österreich plan-B27.2
United Kingdom Four Kings -Europa pub clan27.2


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