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4K wins Starting Cup, new Cup announced
Written by Unknown on 21.02.2008 Time 13:28

Europa 4Kings were able to achieve a 'double'. A few days after they were able to win the championship in the ETF2L league, they can now proclaim to have won the Starting Cup. In the finals, Europe’s no.1 team overran United Kingdom Team Coolermaster and were able to win on cp_granary (9-1) and cp_well (3-0).

The next ETF2L-Cup was announced to begin in march. The teams will play by the usual ETF2L 6vs6 ruleset and the mappool will contain, apart of the widespread custom map ctf_turbine, also the new cp_badlands. If your team is interested then you can sign up for this event until the 27th of Feb on the ETF2L Website.


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