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Screenshot of Goldrush and more
Written by Unknown on 22.02.2008 Time 16:59

Soon we will have a new map and a changed TFC-Hunted mode with the upcoming of Goldrush. But why did Valve just remade the Hunted-mode step-by-step? Robin Walker just answered these questions to an English PC-Magazine.

According to that it was easier to play Haunted with a bunch of friends via LAN. On public servers just was chaos as it was always hard to determine, who's going to be the VIP. Not many wanted to run around the map without any weapons and the need of help by the others.

Thanks to the now modified Hunted version, the problem should be solved. The tipper truck doesn't have to be used by someone special it reacts on the number of players around.

Furthermore Goldrush brings a new game feeling. The map isn't static anymore like Dustbowl or Gravelpit. Goldrush results in steadily changing defensive and offensive situations.

We also got a screenshot, which we don't want to hold back from you.

Team Fortress 2 - Goldrush

Next to Goldrush the old TFC-Map Avanti has been named. Valve evaluated many data, about which maps are played more often from the TFC-Community. Badly to say Avanti didn't have been named very often, so a porting is rather unlikely.

Team Fortress Classic - Avanti Team Fortress Classic - Avanti


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