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Status 1on1 Soldier Cup and 8on8 Opening Cup
Written by Unknown on 24.02.2008 Time 17:43

The Soldier Cup is still running due to a technical defect, but not many Matchups are left so it should finish soon.

Of the 128 Players that have startet, these 11 candidates remain:

Belgien Znetsixe
Finnland Werty
Finnland kzu
Italien Freak
Portugal Coinz
Deutschland Beagle-CMG
Frankreich JoE
Deutschland bl4ckout
Polen Mac
Polen Vice
Deutschland mvp.

We'll naturally keep you informed about the 1on1 Cup.

The second ESL-Cup is the 8on8 Opening Cup. This one is the front-runner of the 8on8 Ladder. Even if the maybe more popular 6on6 Variant is still going strong there're quite a few Clans who like the greater variety of Class possibilities in an 8on8 match. The Cup is planned for 16 Teams, so far 7 Teams have registered.

European Team Fortress 2 8on8 Ladder Rules!
  • 8 players per team
  • If both teams agree more players can be used up to limit of 12 players per team.
  • The minimum team size is equal to one missing player, so for example a 8vs7 is possible. Two or more missing players will be counted as "not present".
  • Mappool: cp_science, ctf_turbine_v3, cp_badlands, cp_dustbowl, cp_gravelpit, cp_granary, cp_well, ctf_2fort
  • TFtrue: enabled (can be disabled if both teams agree)
  • Classlimit 2, Mediclimit 1
  • Timelimit: 30 minutes
  • Gravelpit: 2 Attacker-, 2 Defender rounds
  • Dustbowl: 1 Attacker-, 1 Defender round
  • Stopwatch mode! (see below)
  • Melee round! (see below)
  • Aequitas is mandatory! (Aequitas FAQ)

Stopwatch mode
This comes into play in case of a draw and is used to score the last section of each round on those two maps. All teams have to take a screenshot of the clock/time remaining of the last capture. The attacking team with more time left at the end of the capture wins.

Melee Runde
To decide which team is begins as attacker or defender the teams do a melee round at the beginning. All players start as heavy and are only allowed to use the fists. The team winning the melee round is allowed to decide if they want to start attacking or defending.[/quote]


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