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Team Fortress Classic vs Team Fortress 2
Written by Unknown on 26.02.2008 Time 14:37

These news will most probably not be very interesting for Team Fortress Classic players. But TF2 isn’t just played by ex-TFC-players. A lot of new gamers don’t have any experiences in TFC and maybe one or another might be interested in the ideas that stand behind the maps of TF2 or how the old elements of TFC were integrated into Team Fortress 2.

The YouTube member WhiteRAZOR created comparisons of four Team Fortress 2 maps whose predecessors were originally from TFC. If you want to watch these four clips, keep reading this news post. If you don’t care about this then you should at least watch the last two videos.





Another YouTube member worked with the Team Fortress 2 trailer and played and recorded the scenes within that trailer in TFC. Unfortunately the opponents are missing, that’s why were thinking of making our own TF2 Trailer in the TFC environment. The current clip should be ok for the pastime though.

Question – Do you know the “TF2 Chain Gang”? No? Watch this then…

If you have any additional stuff about Team Fortress 2 then please post it in our forums!


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