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„Meet the“- Video News und Valve über die Engine
Written by Unknown on 27.02.2008 Time 20:21

During the GameDevelopersConference 2008 in San Francisco, Valve had two big points to present.

On the one hand there was a lecture about the special design of Team Fortress 2 with the title: „The Illustrative World of Team Fortress 2“. Jason Mitchell, one of the lead designer working for Valve, talked about the startup of the design. The old Team Fortress had to be seen unrealistically, since it allowed Rocketjumps and „Healing-on-the-run“. But based on those factors the developing team decided against realistic graphics. But why create this unique style which reminds us of the 1960s ?

There were 3 reasons, said Mitchel: First a player should know each classes abilitys just by looking at it. If you look at the Heavy Guy, you see a slow moving target with alot of Hitpoints just because we made him "Big". In contrary to this is the scout, he looks like a class with small hitpoints and reasonable firepower just because he is a bit "Thinner".

The second reason builds on the first one: The player should be able to clearly differentiate each classes forms.

And third: It should be impossible to think of another game while looking at a Team Fortress 2 screenshot.

We placed a link to the whole lecture with the English audio files at the end of this news.

The second highlight was the announcement of a new Meet-the-Team video. Unexpectedly this time around it is the Scout who is getting introduced. A few weeks ago Valve talked more about the Pyro being the new star in a video.

Meet the Scout

Meet the Scout

Meet the Scout

The video will be released within a few weeks since everybody was obedient enough not to take any pictures and videos.


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