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TFPortal.de vs Team Gamerarea
Written by Unknown on 28.02.2008 Time 15:17

Normaly both teams should have played this match live on GIGA on saturday, but both teams agreed to delay the match to this thursday. DeutschlandTFPortal.de and DeutschlandTeam Gamerarea will now meet in the german ESL Major Series Qualifier . Both naturally hold great hopes to advance.

Team Gamerarea, previously known as Pro-Gaming and Rhinefire , has since the release of TF2 shown that they belong into the top group of teams in europe and they may be the strongest german team at the moment. As they've shown in multiple leagues, cups and ladders they will be a huge obstacle for TFPortal.de.

If you take a look at the TFPortal.de Team, you will aknowledge that they don't have to hide themselves at all. The good results in recent times at 3on3 and 6on6 speak or themselve and show that this Team is on the rise. One of the teammembers (Hank-Man) just won the ESL Scout-Cup recently.

Since the leader of Team Gamerarea mose is also a newswriter here, it wasn't that difficult to get a short statement from him. Naturally it was even easier to get one from the TFPortal.de teamleader dietschey:

TFPortal.de: Well what do you expect from todays game?

dietschey: We expect a close game, that much is clear. We should be optimaly prepared, at least we think we are, we played quite a few PCW's and got rid of some knicks that had bothered us. Team Gamerarea may recently had a clear victory against Clan United but as in all those Top-Matches it depends more on the time and day then on the players. We will play Team Gamerarea three times this week (3on3 F7C Cup / ESL 3on3 Ladder and EMS Quali). I presonally still can't grade Team Gamerarea but i naturally hope we can claim a close victory. Our Team stands and we're hot on the EMS ;)

mose: Since this match gets all the hype, it will naturally become the biggest thing in the german TF2 Community yet. We prepared ourselves intensly and go with really good results from the recent matches into this one. We will do all we can to show a close and intresting Game. Our Expectations are clear: A vicotry nothing else!

Naturally there will be a Source TV for this match...

gamerarea VS. TFPortal

SourceTV IP

TFPortal.de wishes both Teams Good Luck :]


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