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Goldrush Clip
Written by Unknown on 01.03.2008 Time 15:37

Our colleagues from GameTrailers.com were guests at Valve. Apart from the news about the nonexistent Counter-Strike 2, Portal 2 and the coop-shooter Left 4 Dead, Robin Walker, design and project leader of Team Fortress 2, talks about the new map Goldrush.

Goldrush is an offspring of the old Team Fortress Classic map “Hunted”, in which one team has to escort the “hunted” person and the other team needs to eliminate him before he reaches his goal.

GameTrailers.com effectively reports about Goldrush for approximately one minute and shows a pan of the map which seems to be huge.

You can watch the clip in either normal quality or HD. You can find the report about Team Fortress 2 in the fourth chapter.

[Postscript 2:50 pm] Now a single version of the clip is available.


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