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Team Fortress 2 Mini-News
Written by Unknown on 04.03.2008 Time 17:28

After the Big Update everything went rather quite in the TF2 World, so we decided to collect some small but nice News and show them to you.

R-Hehl created a stats-plugin for TF2. It contains a nice ingame Overview and also a fitting Webinterface. MySQL-Support is optional avaiable. Infos and Downloads can be seen here .

The Folks at myteamfortress.de wrote a nice little Article about Germanys best TF2 Teams. For this mvp placed every Team according to his opinion and collected comments from the Team-Leaders concerning the Team Goals and so on. The List contains some suprises and can be found here.

pcgamer.uk puplished an article about the Critmechanics in TF2. Intresting about this is the explanations why Engineers and Medics have so high Crit-Possibilitys with their Melee-Weapons.Click.

As the last but not least News: There's a new Gather Channel for TF2 on the Q-Net. Following the E-Mail that we received:


We want to inform all intrested TF2 players that we created a new Channel, #KGather.TF2 , on the Q-Net. So if anyone is looking for a better organised Match ( especially better then the normal Public Server play) then visit our Channel and play a few Gather's.


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