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EMS Qualifier in Europe
Written by Unknown on 07.03.2008 Time 15:48

The German EMS Qualifier is coming to a close this sunday after some action packed weeks. The final match will be between GamerArea and plan-B. But this gives us the time to take a look all around Europe to see how those Qulifiers have gone.

Europa European Qualifier
Europa 4Kings - Europa Clan Fracture13.03

Not many suprises here, the two Teams that where seeded to the top reached the final and will play on thursday to decided which of these 2 Teams will qualify first.
On the one side we've 4Kings, wo after the additions of Appz (ex-Coolermaster) and hymzu (ex-Coldfusion) couldn't play anymore in the france Qualifier. If this additions where worth it has to be seen since their opponet Clan Fracture has beaten them in recent PCW's and must also play themselves through the European Qualifier.
We expect both Teams to qualify anyway, in one of the next Qulifiers the other Team will follow, so this Match is just a nice Showdown between 2 of the Best.

Finnland Finland Qualifier
Finnland Clan United - Finnland Team Jobola09.03

The Qualifier here was also not sparked with many suprises, the favorites play each other in the Final. Seeded where Clan United, who suprisingly just recently lost to Clan GameArea in the SGL, and Team Jobola , which established themselves as a top 10 team due to their constant play.
These 2 opponets will see each other quite a few times in the coming weeks since both of them will play in the Division 1 of the ETF2L.
So we expect a close game which will most likely be decided on dayform and luck.

Frankreich France Qualifier
Frankreich FoF - Frankreich Va Chier Mec0-1 (def)

A dark week for the france TF2 Community, while the france League has so many participants and is so active, the rumor's proved to be true: FoF is dead.
With this Va Chier Mec will automaticaly Qualify for the EMS. But that doesn't chance the fact that with FoF the Favorite for this Qulifier didn't even play. FoF was one of the top5 Teams and will be a great Loss for the TF2 Community.

Polen Poland Qualifier
Polen Total Llamas -Polen no Limits09.03

With only one known Team from a Country it's quite difficult to show an exciting Qualifier. It looks like the Favorite, Total Llamas, will qualify, but as experience has taugth us you shouldn't count your Money before you earned it so we'll only know for sure at Sunday when the Llamas have played against their opponet no Limits.

The complete Qualifier Short-List:

Tournament Trea of the European Qualifier
Tournament Tree of the Finland Qualifier
Tournament Tree of the France Qualifier
Tournament Tree of the Poland Qualifier

Tomorrow we'll take a look at the rest of the EMS Qualifiers. Stay tuned!


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