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EMS Qualifier - Part 2
Written by Unknown on 08.03.2008 Time 20:29

Yesterday we told you about the Qualifiers of Poland, Finland, France and the European EMS Qualifier. But how are the things in the other Country's that hold EMS Qualifiers? Well that's why there is a Part 2 to this.
Who will start for Russia, how are things going Overseas in the USA and who survived the Monster Qualifier in Sweden?

Russland Russian Qualifier
Russland Russian DS - Russland Team Empire0-2

After one of the favorite's Team Herois Novem went inactive, the other favorite Team Empire didn't have to face much of an opposition in the Final. Well at the end Team Empire played against the relative unknown Clan Russian DS and won clearly. So Team Empire qualified for the ESL Major Series (EMS).

Schweden Sweden Qualifier
Schweden Kompaniet - Schweden Syre1-2

This final Match of the EMS Qualifier was called Epic in the comments of the ESL News Page. And with good reasons it was called that because this Match may very well be the Final of the coming EMS. Facing each other where Kompaniet and Syre two top3 Teams in the same Qualifier... They beat Idac and xlo respectivley in the previous Round. But each of the named Teams here should be able to Qualify for the EMS in one of the next Qualifiers.

They started the Match on cp_well, which quite unexpectedly went quite clearly to Syre 4-0. But Kompaniet didn't go down quitely so after the usual draw on cp_gravelpit both Teams faced off on badlands. And as it's fitting for such an Epic Match the overtime on the third Match finaly decided the Game. Syre took over the Bridge and used the Overcharge advantage to win the Map.
So Syre qualified themselves for the EMS and will have to handle the pressure of being one of the Favorites after this strong showing.

United Kingdom UK Qualifier
United Kingdom The Last Resort - United Kingdom Weapons of the Rebelion2-1

In UK it also came to a heartbeat Final, because here also 3 Maps had to be played to decide on a winner. Facing off where The Last Resort, aka Phonetic, and Weapons of the Rebelion. Not realy unkown names and prove for the close Match that followed but in the End the favorite TLR won but shoed some weaknesses they now can work on due to the shorter Qualifier in UK.

Amerika US Qualifier

With only 2 participating Teams it was quite difficult for the US qualifier to even qualifie itself for a EMS spot but in the end they go a Spot in the 2nd Round of the Regulation. Nonetheless the favorite Pandemic won the Final and only Match with a default win because their opponet Safet in Tigths didn't want to settle on a date for the Match. The reasoning behind this Qualifier is a little strange since there won't be any LAN-Finals so the Ping disadvantages will be obvious nontheless Pandemic has to be taken for real and everyone will have to make adjustments to the Ping and Timetable problems.

With this here is the Overview of the qualified Teams:

1. Europa Europa: 4Kings vs. Clan Fracture
2. Finnland Finland: Clan United vs. Clan Jobola
3. Frankreich France: Va Chier Mec
4. Polen Poland: Total Llamas
5. Russland Russia: Team Empire
6. Schweden Sweden: Syre
7. United Kingdom United Kingdom: The Last Resort
8. Deutschland Germany: Team GamerArea

Overview of the Qualifiers:

Tournament Tree of the russian Qualifier
Tournament Tree of the swedish Qualifier
Tournament Tree of the british Qualifier
Tournament Tree of the american Qualifier

Stay tuned we naturaly will keep you up to date on everything concerning the TF2.


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