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Wireplay TFC League
Written by Unknown on 12.03.2008 Time 21:26

Fortress Classic isn´t dead yet! Since 8 years the Half-Life modification is dying but isn´t already dead! The Wireplay TFC League started a few weeks ago in the new season. Everyone who thought that season 20(started before the release of TF2 and FF) will be the last season will be disappointed. The number of 10 TFC Teams will be playing season 21! These are the 10 Teams in season 21:

So far some matches were played and as expected iL. and at | are at the top of the table.
Also in Fortress Forever a little movement comes back in the small EU scene. After the release of version 2.0 the American Online League UGC (United Gaming Clans) is planning a version of their league in Europe.
At the moment they are looking for European Clans, who have interest to join their league. The next step is to decide what kind of league it will be 5on5, 7on7 or 8on8. The 8on8 Mode is favoured by the Europeans. These are the Teams which confirmed afore:

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