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Soldier 1on1 Cup finished - Ladder opened
Written by Unknown on 17.03.2008 Time 17:38

Originally the Soldier 1on1 ESL-Cup was sheduled for 2 Days but due to some technical Problems it kinda carried on. In the End the organisation of the late rounds was given to the Players and now after a little while the Cup is finaly over.

We nearly had a german Player winning the Cup, with Deutschland bl4ck0ut aka [r@ts]Methie we had one in the Final 4.

The 1/2 Finals where Finnland Werty against Portugal Coinz and Deutschland bl4ck0ut against Polen Vice .

The first 1/2 Final went to Coinz who won in a rather close match against his opponet Werty, 19:17.
The 2nd 1/2 Final went clearer to bl4ck0ut, he won his match 22:10 against Vice.

The final was decided after 3 Maps and it was realy close, in the end it ended with a 2:1 overall win for Coinz.
The Match for the 3rd place went with a 2:0 overall to Vice.

Statement by Portugal Coinz:

Well it's nice to be recognised as a top dm solly. There were some close matches against Werty and Methie, i know Werty for a long time so he wasn't a surprise for me. Unlike Mathie that revealed to be a very good dm soldier. I hope to participate in future cups and tournaments although. I think the dm_idac map shouldn't be used again, in my opinion there are better and more polished versions of that map if cups admins insist using it.

To build upon the huge success of this Cup the ESL has started a Soldier 1on1 Ladder. After 3 Days the Ladder already contains 122 participants and thus far 37 Duell's have been played.

The Rules:
  • Gamemode: 1on1
  • ESL Aequitas mandatory
  • Crits off
  • SteamidTF2 gameaccount needed
  • Timelimit: 10

The Ladder is waiting for you!


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