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Meet the Scout and the Ultimate Battle I
Written by Unknown on 18.03.2008 Time 18:58

In the Steam-Forum a user has posted an answer he received from Robin Walker concerning the "Meet the Scout Video". As it seems the video will be further improved and refined. The version that was shown at the CES was thus unfinished. Let's look forward to watching the final cut!

One of the main topics of this news update focuses on the balancing of of Team Fortress 2. An investigative TF2 player has orchestrated a confrontation he named Ultimate Battle: "Turret Punisher" that gives rise to interesting considerations.

It is about an 8-on-8 purely between Engineers. Each Engineer builds a Level 1 Sentry in a fully symmetrical setup and keeps repairing it. The question to be answered was whether one team would win.

Although not visible to the naked eye, one might suspect that there was at some point a delay since the result of the battle is truly surprising. But see for yourself.

Nobody knows how this could have happened. After the release of the TF2 stats Valve reacted surprised that Team Blue would win more often then Team Red. What do you think about this?


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