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Ultimate Battle Part II and III
Written by Unknown on 23.03.2008 Time 14:19

In the first Ultimate Battle a resourceful Team Fortress 2 player seemingly found proof for an alleged dominance of Team Blue. He set up a fully symmetrical 8-on-8 with Engineers, who simultaneously built their sentries and kept repairing them. The surprising result was that Team Blue won the confrontation in spite of identical conditions. Although the action is fully synchronous to the human eye, Team Blue razed Team Red.

But how did this guy manage to set this up in the first place? Many questions concerning how the test was conducted have reached us. People suspected that scripts were used and a lot of false information on how this test was carried out was spread in the community. After digging a bit deeper we found a statement of the director of this test in a forum.

According to his statement 16 computers were linked and connected to a mouse and keyboard, which allowed him to simultaneously control all 16 Engineers. Unfortunately we do no longer have the link to the actual forum post but you can take our word for this.

Nevertheless the question about the seeming imbalance of the two teams remains unanswered. So far, there has not been any statement from Valve about this confusing finding. If the game should really suffer from such a problem, this would certainly add a negative side to an otherwise almost perfectly balanced gaming experience.

To shed further light on the issue, the author of Ultimate Battle now has set up two additional Ultimate Battles. He created an 8-on-8 between Spies, positioned in a circle, backstabbing each other.

But see for yourself:

Ultimate Battle: Stabfest

Test number three was conducted with Snipers. This test was intended to answer the question whether the seeming imbalance can be found with all classes. However, this test ultimately raises more questions than it actually answers as in one instance Team Red clearly wins the duel.

But see for yourself:

Ultimate Battle: Extreme Sniping

What's your opinion on these demonstrations? Let us and the readers of this site know by posting your comments and ideas.


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